Our Dj/MC’s: are highly experienced and professional with a deep knowledge of multiple musical genres, and the all types of different occasions. They do not rely of software to “virtually Dj”, but rather are seasoned mixologists of music to create the soundtrack to your best memories. We can either follow a strict playlist, or be as much of the creative force side as you wish.

Music: The bottom line is we have tens of thousands of songs, and would not waste anyone’s time w a detailed list, like handing you a phone book to read, but instead want to remind you that it is not a matter of what we have, but what you want. Odds are we have 90% of what you will request, but if not we will get it as long as it is available.

All Occasions Entertainment Owner Brian Burns is the Chief Music Curator at, an online music service, which is free to use. Here are a number of playlists under Brian’s Dj name Dj Beebo. Enjoy.

Dj Guarantee: Our Dj Guarantee means the Dj you choose will be the person who performs at your event, and we offer a free, no-obligation meeting with your potential Dj to consult on your event whether you book or not.

Once booked, we will coordinate with you and your other vendors to create a personalized event. As the Master of Ceremonies we make all necessary announcements, but without the over the top or ‘cheesy” performance sometimes found in this industry.

Equipment: Our gear is top rated professional grade gear, and is accompanied by back up gear in case of any possible technical complications. Industry standards such as wireless mics, digital quality sound and mobile gear are used, and we can amply accommodate from 100 to 1000 people with our systems.

Photo Booth: Our photo booths are high quality and include a sign in table, dual strip photos for you and your guests, the master CD, a good variety of props, and an attendant to assist your guests.

Lighting: We offer lighting for all settings from ambient room accents to “club” style productions. Lighting can also be used to accentuate themed events. A list of these options and videos of specific lights are available upon request.

Available lighting w/links:
Pin Spot highlighters (cordless).

Inno Spot Pro:

H2O effects lights.

ADJ RGB light bars.

ADJ Mega RGB triple profile cans for uplighting or dancefloor.

DJ Pinpoint Gobo Color RGBA Projector for highlighting or color washing dance floor.

ADJ Moving Head Inno Spots for dancefloor (gobos, spots, etc.)

Elation Scanners for dancefloor or spot lighting.

Atmospheric RG LED Laser

Moving Head Double Face Led Beam/Wash Stage Lights

Additional lighting/effects without links:
High output video projector & screen (2 sizes).
Fog/Haze (water base) machine.
Bubble machine.
Theatre Spot light.
Disco ball (3 sizes s, m, l).

Video Projection: We also offer video projection for bride and groom slide shows and other displays. Recording: If you would like a copy of the sound track of your event, we can provide it.
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